Monday, March 31, 2014


BLISTERS Solution & example

A blister is message from your body ouch! Those new shoes are just too tight.

  • Protect a tender blister by replacing a moleskin doughnut over the blister.
  • Do not prick or drain a blister, it is protecting the tender spot underneath.
  • Once the blister has drained, do not take the skin off the top of it: this is nature’s bandage.
  • Expert suggests that you cover the blister during the day and then let it air at night.
  • Once the blister has begun to heal, keep the area soft and moist with some vitamin E or aloe vera gel.
  • The best course is to avoid blisters in the first place. Always wear socks and powder on the inside of your shoes to help the socks glide inside the shoes.