Monday, March 31, 2014


BODY ODOUR Solution & Example

We all know we smell like a rose garden, so any recommendation in this item are for other people (those you just stood next to in the lift), of course.

Each individual has their own body odour and it related to both their pheromones and genetics. However, some body odours are excessively offensive.

Both medication and diet can contribute to unpleasant body odours, as well as some disease processes.

  • Bathing regularly and changing clothing frequently should diminish body odour.
  • Natural fabrics such as cotton absorb perspiration better than synthetic.
  • A small amount of white vinegar over the sweat glands under the arms and on the feet will decrease body odour.
  • A change of diet can be effective. It is know that meat eaters have a heavier body odour than vegetarian, so consider changing or limiting the amount of meat in your diet. Spices, fish curry and garlic are excreted through the sweat glands of your body and keep you odoriferous for many hours after you’ve already forgotten you ate them.
  • Baking soda dusted under the arms can keep the armpits smelling sweet.
  • Increase your intake of chlorophyll (containing in all green foods).
  • A combination of zinc, magnesium, para-aminobenzoic acid and vitamin B can combat offensive body odour.
  • If you have tried everything, bathe in tomato juice by adding it to your bath water. It is known to work on dogs who have been sprayed by a skunk!