Monday, March 31, 2014


Breast- feeding does great things for both babies and mothers. Some hints can make it trouble-free.

  • Choose a good nursing bra. Choose all cotton. Make sure you can open and close the bra with one hand.
  • Position the baby correctly. Tickle the baby’s lower lip with your nipple so that the baby open wide. The nipple needs to be inserted deep into the baby’s throat so that the baby can suck properly.
  • Nurse from both breasts during each feeding and nurse often. This creates b better bonding mother and baby.
  • Don’t toughen the nipples. If baby is positioned correctly this won’t be necessary.
  • Do not use soap on the nipples, as this dries them out. Glands around the areola produce oil with an antiseptic in it so soap is unnecessary. Then air- dries the nipple before covering them.
  • Use your own milk to help heal sore nipples. Express a little of the milk and rub it around the nipple. This milk is high lubricants and contains an antibiotic.
  • Control leakage by pressing against the nipple with the heel of your hand.