Monday, March 31, 2014



Your shoulder or elbow hurts every time you move or lift something, sometimes as light as a pencil. You’ve heard of tennis elbow but you don’t play the game. Bursitis often affecters the hip of shoulder joints and although it is sometimes called tennis elbow or frozen shoulder it can be affect any joint.

Bursae are little fluid-filled sacs which ensure the smooth, frictionless working of the body’s many joints. Not until you have problem with one of them are you even aware the exist. Bursitis is an inflammation of these small fluid filled sacs which aid in the movement of muscles and protect and cushion the bones against friction. This kind of inflammation can be used by injury, ingredients in foods, allergy and calcium deposits.

The joints can be tender to touch and acute pain in the region will cause you to limit motion of the joint

  • During the initial phase of the injury, movement should be avoided as this will only increase both the inflammation and the pain.
  • Rest is best and sling is good for shoulder and elbows.
  • Cold icepacks will reduce swelling and pain.
  • Apply castor oil over the joint, cover with a dressing and then apply a heating pad.
  • Continued immobility can cause adhesion which will result in a permanent condition. After a few days, stretching is recommended.
  • Avoid overdoing any repetitive motion. Individuals who play sports, such as tennis, need to get some help in correcting their style of playing avoid further injury.