Tuesday, April 1, 2014


You love that kitty-cat, you love to hold it on your lap and listen to the gentle purring as you stroke the soft fur.

The cat lover is often dismayed to find that the cause of those runny eyes and itchy, water nose is none other than their beloved pet. Cat allergy comes from a cat’s oil – producing glands in its skin and its saliva. When cat dander gets airborne, an allergic individual can have a reaction without even touching the cat.

An allergy is a mistake activation of your immune system. This system makes antibodies to protect your body from invaders.
  • The obvious answer, of course, is to avoid cats completely.
  • If you find new homes go your cat, thoroughly clean the house. It can take months for the allergens to disappear from the carpeting and furniture.
  • Wash the cat once a week in distilled water. This will reduces the amount of airborne allergens by 90 per cent.
  • Use an effective air cleaner. Air cleaner will remove more than 99 per cent of dust particles that pass through them.
  • Control the cat’s access to some of the rooms within the home. Most importantly, keep the cast out of the bedroom.
  • After petting your cat, wash your hands thoroughly before you touch your face and nose.