Tuesday, April 1, 2014


CELLULITE Solution & Example

Those ugly puckers! That orange peel- looking skin on the thighs and buttocks! Nobody wants it but everybody seems to have some, no matter how thing. Most experts disagree about exactly what it is but everyone agrees that they’d like to get rid of it.

Some say it is no more than pockets of fat and its appearance is due to stands of fibrous tissue anchored to the skin. Some non- medical people say it is a combination of fat globules, waste matter, and water in connective tissue.
  • Exercise and attempts to keep your weight at normal levels.
  • Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and drink and vegetables juices.
  • Relax in a home mineral bath containing sea salt. Use a loofah mitt to rub the trouble spots while you soak.
  • Combat constipation and drink lots of water. Avoid intake of salt which contributes to fluid retention.
  • Avoid coffee and cigarettes as they constrict the blood vessels and make it more difficult to rid yourself of waste products.
  • Massage those thighs with a kneading motion with hands that are moist with a mixture of witch-hazel and message oils.