Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Oh, those painful and work worn-looking hands. Those knuckles that crack and bleed whenever you bend your fingers. Red, dry and cracked, very painful and very unattractive. It is the best to avoid getting chapped hands in the first place rather than trying to hide them after they are chapped.

Low humidity in the autumn and winter dries and irritates the skin. Repeated washing removes the natural oil layer and allows moisture within the skin to evaporate.
  • Being by trying to wash only the palms of your hands or use an oil-free skin cleanser which doesn’t require water to cleanse.
  • After each and wash and at night before retiring, use a topical hand lotion.
  • Keep your hands out of very hot water.
  • Use gloves when working around the house or in the garden and always wear gloves outside in the winter time.
  • Treat your hand to an oatmeal sloughing regime. Blend 1 cupful of uncooked old-fashioned rolled oats to a very fine powder. Rub over your hands; this will remove the dry skin. Rinse in cool water, pat dry and lavish with lots of vegetables oil or hand cream.