Tuesday, April 1, 2014


COLD SORES Solution & Example
It’s going to be fever blister- just when you were going to have your picture taken. That tingling on your lip lets you know that you can expect one to blossom forth in the next day or so.

The herpes simplex virus is the cause of this problem and if you know someone who hasn’t had one by time they are an adult, they have probably built up immunity long ago. Lucky them.
  • Keep cold sores clean and dry.
  • Get yourself a new toothbrush right away as the old one probably has enough of the virus living in it to continue to reinfect you.
  • Protect the lesson with petroleum jelly- but use a cotton wool bud to get it out of the jar, not your finger.
  • A water based zinc solution, applied as soon as you feel that initial tingle may help speed the healing.
  • Increase your intake of amino acidlysine which can be found in dairy products, potatoes and brewer’s yeast.
  • Avoid food rich in arginine as the virus needs that amino acid to grow. Arginine is found in chocolate, cola drinks, peas, grain cereals, various nuts and beer.
  • Protect your lips from the sun and wind as soon as you feel that first tingle.
  • Try to reduce stress as it appears to cause the blisters to appear.
  • Gentle exercise is beneficial in reducing stress.