Tuesday, April 1, 2014

COLIC Solution

COLIC Solution & Example
The baby never seems to stop crying. One mother said, “That baby cries 25 hours out of each 24.” A crying baby who pulls their knees up to their belly and seems to be in real pain probably has colic. Nothing seems to help, not changing nappy or feeding or holding and rocking. But, take hope; most babies grow out of colic by the third or fourth month.
  • If bottle- feeding, burp after every ounce.
  • Hold the baby upright when feeding and try some different teats on the bottle.
  • A milk – free diet for the mother who is breast feeding is well worth a try. Others things in the mother’s diet that are thought to contribute are carbonated drinks, chocolate, bananas, strawberries and spicy foods.
  • Wrapping in a mummy wrap and holding the colicky seems to help too.
  • Turn on the vacuum cleaner and leave it running. Some mothers swear by this humming sound treatment.
  • Place a heating pad set on low on the baby’s abdomen.
  • A swing seat being held by mother in a rocking chair can also be useful as it has a calming effect on babies.