Saturday, April 5, 2014

DENTURES Treatment

DENTURES Treatment
Wobbly dentures are a reason to avoid a variety of foods we usually enjoy, such as apples or berries. If your denture hurt or feel loose, the problem may be either that they don’t fit correctly, or improper care.

  • Ask your dentist to check your dentures and be sure they fit the current shape of your mouth. If they fit well, you shouldn’t need an adhesive preparation. if they don’t fit, they may need adjustment. When your natural teeth were lost or removed, the jaw bone that supported them began to shrink.
  • Remove denture each night to give your gums a rest.
  • To prevent distortion, store your denture in water. Do not soak dentures with a metal base for more than 15 minutes in cleaning solution.
  • Clean your denture daily to remove trapped food particles.
  • Brush and floss any remaining teeth, and massage your gums daily with a brush, a cloth or a clean finger, to keep them healthy and firm.