Saturday, April 12, 2014

FEVER Solution

FEVER Solution

Fever is not an illness – it is a symptom of one. It is the body’s defence mechanism in operation against infection.

Fever is a normal function of the body’s immune system. It tells you that the body is busy waging war on foreign invaders, such as the bacteria that cause infection. Sometimes the temperature is localized, as when the skin surrounding a cut feels warm to the touch, indicating that the body’s disease fighting microbes at that location.

  • If a fever does not go above 102 degrees F in adults or 103 degrees F in children, it is best to allow it to run its course. The immune system is at work – fighting the invading microbes.
  • Never give children aspirin, as it has been implicated in Reye’s syndrome, a serious disease.
  • Drink plenty of fluids and juices. It is best to avoid solid food until the body temperature has returned to normal.
  • Cool sponge baths will aid in reducing the fever.
  • Avoid chilling the body while drying off.
  • Make a tea with 1\2 teaspoonful of cayenne pepper in boiling water, add some honey and orange juice and drink throughout the day.
  • Take the usual precaution to avoid contact with individuals with colds and other contagious illnesses.
  • Clean any cuts, scrapes or abrasion, as an intact skin is your first line of defence against microbes which enter the body through these types of injuries.