Saturday, April 12, 2014



I f you experience some sudden eye pain, blurred vision or sell a halo around lights, or lose your peripheral vision, it could be glaucoma.

Glaucoma is a progressive eye disease which is a leading cause of blindness.

The cause is unknown, but stress, heredity and nutritional imbalances are implicated. There are medications and surgical treatments for the various types of glaucoma, and any of the symptoms require medical attention.

  • Take 100 mg of vitamin B2, along with B- complex daily, as an imbalance of B vitamins has been implicated in glaucoma.
  • Take 500 mg buffered vitamin C with rutin to reduce pressure behind the eye.
  • Avoid alcohol and all products containing caffeine as they tend to elevate the pressure inside the eye.
  • Avoid smokers as they pollute the atmosphere which is particularly irritating to any eye which lacks moisture.
  • Bathe the eyes with warm eye baths with herbs such as chamomile of fennel as they are beneficial and soothing.