Sunday, April 13, 2014



You look around at all your friends, they have several children. Your mother’s friends are beginning to sac pointed question. So now you think maybe it’s time you should have a baby.

Well, why haven’t you become pregnant?

If there isn’t some reproductive difficulty, then:

  • Give yourself time. If you are under 30, you should be able to conceive within a year.
  • Forget all the charts and scheduled sex. Just go ahead and make love when you feel like it. Let natural take its course. It often works.
  • Avoid stress. Your body often limits your fertility of both women and men.
  • Test for ovulation.
  • Keep your weight within normal levels. fat produces estrogen and too high or too low estrogen can throw your reproductive hormones out of balance.
  • Cut back on exercise. If you lose too much fat you will stop ovulating.
  • Avoid douches.
  • Limits caffeine. Caffeine seems to reduce reproductive abilities.
  • Bad colds can reduce a man’s sperm count. Give yourself time to recover.
  • Some over the counter medication can reduce sperm count.
  • Avoid hot bath and close- fitting underwear. They bring the testicles in contact with too much heat, reducing the sperm count.
  • Excessive lovemaking can also reduce your sperm count. Give yourself a day or two to recover before you try again.