Wednesday, April 16, 2014



You sound like a frog. Your throat is scratchy and it hurts to swallow.

Finally, you end up talking in husky whisper. Others might tell you that you sound sexy, but with such a sore throat you certainly don’t feel very sexy.

When your vocal cords are swollen from overuse or from a virus, it is laryngitis.

  • Be quiet. Give your vocal cords a rest.
  • Use a cold- air humidifier to keep your throat moist.
  • Use a stream vaporizer to remove the moisture.
  • Drink lots of fluid. Try tea with honey or lemon, a soothing drink often used by professional singers.
  • Breathe through nose, not with mouth,.
  • Stop smoking. Smoking dries out the throat.
  • If you want to use cough drops, use fruit- or honey – flavored ones and avoid the mint and mentholated ones.
  • If you suffer from laryngitis often, consider voice training with a professional.