Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Laughter is the best medicine. We have all heard that expression but now medical science tells that laughter can lower blood pressure, promote circulation, stimulate digestion and reduce pain.

If you find your sense of humor is slipping, take that’s as a clue that you may be slipping into something more serious.

  • Brighten your outlook by focusing on the silly behavior of others.
  • Read or listen to something funny daily; it will help you lighten your load..
  • Laugh out loud when you can, as it is good for your muscles.
  • When you are angry at a co- worker or a pompous person imagine them naked- that ought to get you laughing.
  • Avoid mean jokes; they are unproductive.
  • Laugh at yourself. No one knows as well as you just how silly you can be at times.