Wednesday, April 16, 2014



Your abdomen feels like you swallowed a football and pain is intense.

It is time for your period and you know you have to suffer from menstrual cramps until your flow gets started.

Prostaglandins, hormone like substances that are produced in the body have an incredible range of physiological effects. Prostaglandins, release just prior to menstruation, cause the uterus to go into spasms, which can be painful. Women who have the most severe cramps have a higher level of Prostaglandins in their menstrual blood.

These cramps are often accompanied with water retention, skin eruptions, headaches, bloating of the abdomen, backache, breast swelling and tenderness, insomnia, fatigue, nervousness, joint pain, fainting and personality changes such as outbursts of irritability or anger.

  • Sip a hot drink and sit in a hot bath. Heat promotes blood flow, easing the pain. Some women achieve the same effect by lying back with a covered hot water bottle or heating pad against the stomach.
  • Mild exercise, aimed at strengthening the abdominal muscles, as well as relieved the stress that can accompany the cramps, is beneficial.
  • Regular exercise that will improve circulation jogging, walking, swimming and cycling to bring more oxygen to the blood, will aid in relaxing the uterus.
  • Do not use salt, caffeine, alcohol, dairy products, sugar or red meat as they contribute to the fluid retention and bloating.
  • A healthy diet will aid in relieving depression. Increase water consumption to aid in reducing fluid retention.
  • Avoid diuretics because they rob you of essential minerals.