Wednesday, April 16, 2014


MIGRAINE Solution & Symptoms

There are bright flashes of lights before your eyes, you are overcome with nausea –just when you are getting ready to go to work – and you know a migraine headache has struck. Migraine is severe, recurring headache, with or without associated visual and gastrointestinal disturbance.

These headaches may be preceded by short period of depression, irritability, restlessness or lack of appetite, and some by scintillating areas of light in the field of vision.

· Try avoiding some of the foods that have been associated with migraines: milk and other dairy products, chocolate, cola drinks, onions, pork, eggs, citrus fruits, wheat, coffee, and alcohol, aged, cheese, pickled herring.

· Fluctuating estrogen can also be a cause – discontinuing supplemental estrogen should be considered.

· Aspirin may alleviate mild attacks.

· Allergies are common cause of migraine and these should be considered in any diagnosis.

· Constipation, stress and lack of exercise can all contribute to the difficulty.

· Regular aerobic exercise can gently reduce the incidence of migraines.

· Alternating cold and hot showers have been shown to stop migraines for many patients.

· Biofeedback training can lessen the severity of the pain.

· Avoid salt , fried foods and sugar.