Thursday, April 17, 2014



You were sound asleep and suddenly a cramp in your leg brought you upright, grasping your calf in pain.

Cramping often occurs after an individual has sweated profusely, usually after heavy muscular work, causing a loss of body fluids, affecting the body’s electrolytes. Although muscles cramps can occur anywhere.

If cramping occurs after walking and is relieved when you stop, this is an indication of intermittent claudicating and you should see your doctor.

  • Stand on a cold floor.
  • Drinking fluids, with a calcium and magnesium tablet under your tongue, may correct the problem within a few minutes.
  • Massage of the knotted area and the application of heat will also help the muscle relax.
  • Regular exercise with stretching will help to keep the muscles properly toned and elongated.