Tuesday, April 22, 2014




Well, you certainly don’t want to be seen pretending that you are digging your slacks out from between your buttocks in an attempt to scratch and you can’t keep excusing yourself to go to the toilet – just to scratch.

Rectal itching is an inelegant annoying and occasionally embarrassing problem.

It can be caused by hemorrhoids, diet dry skin, rough cleansing of the anal area or parasites.

  • Stop scratching – scratching further irritates your skin and leads to persistent inflammation.
  • Apply ice- packs this skin around your anus may be sensitive to colored, scented toilet tissue or to harsh, less expensive brands.
  • Cleanse gently – don’t scrub with a flannel: use cotton wool pads moistened with witch – hazel to clean instead of soap.
  • Blot dry – or use a hairdryer.
  • Watch your diet – if you think food such as caffeine, nuts or chocolate play a role, avoid them for a few weeks and see if this makes a difference.