Wednesday, April 23, 2014



A daily walk will stimulate You forgot your car keys and you can’t remember whether or not you turned off the stove. You say, “ I think I’m getting senile,” and everyone laughs but secretly, you are little worried about how forgetful you are becoming.

Everyone forgets once in a while but the truth is, most people do not become senile.

Senility is a slow disintegration of personality and intellect because of impaired insight and judgment.

Senility may result from a wide variety of pathologic processes. Drugs, depression, deafness, brain tumors, thyroid problems or liver or kidney problems can be some of the causes of senility.

If you are concerned about an older relative, you need to evaluate their lifestyle.

  • Often the elderly living alone may neglect nutrition, and evaluation of food intake should be one of the first steps in treatment. Proper nutrition often will solve many of the difficulties in impaired thinking.
  • Assistance in the routine of daily living may help.
  • A sufficient nutritious diet is essential, including sufficient protein for normal brain functioning. Older people sometimes evolve into a ‘tea and toast’ diet.
  • Encourage the learning of something new. Curiosity keeps the mind working.
  • Monitor fluids intake as the elderly do not respond to thirst readily.
  • Play mind – stretching games, such as trivial pursuit.
  • Encourage reading about subjects of interest.
  • Make the person keep lists that aids in jogging the memory