Wednesday, April 23, 2014



It drips down the back of your throat. You keep sniffing and snorting but it keeps s on dripping. In addition, you have a roaring headache and the pressure seems to just keep building up behind your eyes.

A sinus headache is usually a result of a viral respiratory tract infection. The swollen nasal mucous membrane causes pain in the area over the involved sinus.

  • A eucalyptus type ointment can be applied to the forehead and then covered with a cold damp cloth. This will relieve the congestion of the blood vessels in the area and relieve the pain of the headache.
  • Use a humidifier; it will keep the mucus moving.
  • Bathe your nostril with a teaspoonful of salt in 1 pint of warm water and a little baking soda. Gently sniff this mixture into one nostril at a time.
  • Increase your fluids to keep the mucus thinned out.
  • Avoid nasal sprays, as they can cause a rebound effect which may make the problem worse.
  • Exercise will release adrenalin which will also constrict the blood vessels. Take a short walk you will feel better.
  • Massage your sinus. This will stimulate circulation to the area.
  • Try eating some fresh horseradish with lemon juice.