Wednesday, April 23, 2014



You no longer think ANYTHING is humorous. You snap at the kids, your spouse, and when it reaches the point that you might tells the boss off and lose your job you scream, “I can’t take it anymore!”

Stress is the result of long- term anxiety that is not relieved. Almost everyone experiences stress at one time or another in their lives - no one is immune. It can result from a great number of things: job insecurity, high – pressure occupations, relationships, financial problems, loneliness, and day to day frustrations.

Stress seems to express itself when tension or anger or grief graduates from being just one even to being a recurring mood, or even part of the personality. Unrelieved tension actually changes the hormonal biochemistry of your body, encouraging the process of atherosclerosis. Mascular tension squeezes off blood circulation and chronic shallow breathing reduce the amount of oxygen reaching the heart.

  • Take a holiday – they are an absolute necessity. Each of us needs to get away from everyday cares and attempt to relax - our mind, our muscles and interrupt the thought processes that keep us worrying and sleepless about things we are unable to change.
  • Exercise - physical activity can produce brain chemicals that’s assist the muscles to relax, the intake of oxygen can aid in transporting blood to the brain to reduce the chemicals that are in operation in stressful live.
  • Rest and get sufficient sleep.
  • Deep breathing can be done anytime you are faced with a stressful situation and is a beneficial habit to cultivate.
  • Develop a hobby. Find something that can occupy your mind completely separated from the things in your life that are aggravating you.
  • Learn to laugh. Loss of sense of humor is a good indication that your life is too stress – filled.
  • If you find you simply cannot handle the stress - you may need professional help.
  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol and drugs.
  • Maintain a good healthy diet to keep your nervous system and immune system in good condition.