Thursday, April 24, 2014



TRAVEL or motion sickness is a functional disorder caused by repetitive motion. It appears that excessive stimulation of the balancing apparatus in the inner ear is the primary cause.

If you traveling by ship, the following may be help:

  • Children under the age of two and the elderly are usually unaffected by this ailment.
  • Think positive. If you believe you are going to be sick you probably will be.
  • If you are below decks, get up and breathe some fresh air. Engine odors and other smells can contribute to your ailment.
  • Stop smoking and avoid other people’s smoke.
  • Sail at night if possible. There is less chance of getting sick if you can’t see the horizon weaving and rocking.
  • Avoid alcohol, as it can set off the symptoms.
  • If travelling by road, the following may be help:
  • If possible, move to the front of a car or coach and focus your eyes on the horizon.
  • Don’t read. The motion of nay vehicle makes the print on the page move, contributing to your dizziness.
  • Chew on ginger sticks, drink ginger tea or sip ginger ale. If taken early enough ginger can prevent vomiting.
  • Stay cool, remove excessive clothing and increase ventilation, if possible.